30+ ways to increase website traffic naturally you need to know

30+ ways to increase website traffic naturally you need to know

Your site is complete and stable, but:

  • For a long time, there has been no traffic or traffic is too little and not developed strong enough.
  • You improve the interface and beautiful content and still the results are still not very good.

So this is the article for you, I will bring you 30+ ways to increase organic traffic to your website.

To make it easier to understand, Share Tool will explain the concepts of traffic so that you have the most general view and from there implement ways to increase website traffic.

Follow along!

Why should you increase website traffic?

The following are the important meanings and benefits of increasing traffic to the website. From these roles, you will see the importance of increasing traffic.

Broaden your brand image

E-commerce is increasingly growing thanks to the coverage of the internet, which means that your brand can be known through electronic means.

Instead of using expensive traditional marketing methods such as distributing leaflets, outdoor advertising, etc., appearing on the e-commerce platform and having a lot of traffic is also a way to spread and cover your brand without spending a lot of money. This way not only saves budget but also faster and more widely coverage thanks to the internet platform.

Increase the number of people accessing information

Websites in the form of news, sharing blogs, the more people know the page to read the articles, which is the top concern of website creators.

When the website is invested with a lot of content, design images, interface, … but no one knows and reads it, this is extremely wasteful and ineffective. Because increase website traffic makes it easier for users to access your information, this is also what any website creator wants.

Increase sales and increase revenue

Of course when your information is accessed, the likelihood of your potential customers buying is very high leading to increased sales and increased revenue.

Especially for online sales websites, e-commerce platforms, website trading goods and services, etc., pulling customers to the website is the closest way to turn readers into customers to help boost sales.

Types of traffic for websites

Types of traffic for websites
Types of traffic for websites

Currently, there are 2 main types of traffic to know: Organic Traffic (natural traffic) and Paid Traffic (paid traffic).

Traffic here means the number of people visiting your website. The first is:

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is organic (organic) website visitors. Visitors come to the website actively through searching on search engines such as Bing, Google, Coccoc, etc.

Paid Traffic

You will not need to pay with Organic Traffic, but Paid Traffic is the opposite. Visitors from Paid Traffic come from the ads you run (eg Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, …).

This type of traffic is suitable for individuals and businesses that want quick results. Usually, Paid Traffic is applied to seasonal or trending items. The process only takes a few minutes and the results will be available as soon as you post the ad.

Because of those quick gains. It comes with high advertising costs and cannot be maintained in the long run. In contrast, Organic Traffic does not cost too much money and can help you boost your website rankings on the search results page later.

30+ most effective ways to increase website traffic in 2022

Improve On-Page SEO

You can improve SEO through keyword research. The optimization of content on and off the page to increase website traffic is higher naturally.


  • Optimizing keywords for SEO titles.
  • Put the core keyword in the title of the articles on the page
  • Add keywords to the name of image files so that search engines know what they are about
  • Make sure the URLs in your page are as SEO-friendly as possible
  • Add keywords (at least the main keyword) in the Meta Description tag

Consider installing Plugins like Yoast SEO and using Ahrefs or HubSpot‘s SEO tools to make SEO optimization easier.

Research new keywords

Keyword research is not just finding a high-volume, high-ranking keyword, but also having to come up with a suitable strategy. Have a strategy for keywords and terms related to your product or industry, and don’t be afraid to expand the topic of keywords.

For example: A website that provides hosting services can completely develop other content. They can create blogs with hosting related content. Along with articles with broader topics such as web development, CMS platforms, WordPress bugs, etc.

Note: If you expand new keyword groups, don’t forget to specify the user’s search intent. Determining the right user needs will help you build more relevant content!

Optimizing content with Long-Tail keywords

Remember that

Don’t just pick the most popular keywords in your industry.

For example:

Do not use the keyword “business idea” because this is a highly competitive keyword. It is difficult for new Web sites to use this keyword to increase rankings and increase website traffic.

Instead, use long-tail keywords like “profitable business ideas in 2021”. Detailed keywords like these usually have low volume and little competition. But that doesn’t mean these keywords are less effective, but on the contrary, they also clarify the user’s intentions and narrow the search scope so that you can hit your target customers.

And you can rank high when customers search for related keywords. This is also a way to increase website traffic.

Don't just pick the most popular keywords in your industry.
Don’t just pick the most popular keywords in your industry.

You can use tools like Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner for keyword research. Besides, search engines often rank pages based on factors such as size, popularity, and age with a rating scale of 1 to 100.

This score is called DA (Domain Authority) – A search engine ranking score developed by Moz.

For example:

A new website will have a DA score of 1, while platforms like FB usually have a DA score of 99. It is very difficult for a website with a low DA score to get a high ranking on the search results page. when users search for short keywords (Short-Tail).

New sites often have a good chance of ranking if they contain Long-Tail keywords because there is less competition. Short-Tail keywords often have up to 100,000 searches per month.

There are also other types of keywords such as: LSI Keyword, Phantom Keyword, etc.

Build Natural Links

Natural links are naturally generated backlinks. And website owners do not need to create them through posts on other sites.
Natural Link occurs when: Websites, blogs, videos, and other web owners link content from your site to their articles, videos, or images.

Owning quality backlinks is not easy. You will need to create valuable content. Only doing so will make people want to link to your page.

So what is valuable content? Let’s find out right in the next part here:

Create content that people want to share and are willing to link to you

If you pay close attention, you will see that the links I share in the article are well researched and are reliable sources of information related to the topic. When it comes to good content, meeting the needs of the reader is a prerequisite.

If you think the quality of your writing is already great, the next step is to enrich it by using images that are engaging and relevant to the topic. More than just images, you can do even better by adding video to your content.

For example: How-to videos, product reviews or introductions, etc.

If cost is something you’re worried about, you can replace the videos with Infographics or create your own GIFs (created online with Giphy). These visual elements will make your content easier to share. They will also make it easier for you to change when you want to switch to building website content for social networks.

Writing good content and SEO standards is no longer difficult for content creators. You will no longer have a headache to think about the idea of ​​​​building SEO-standard and attractive content if you grasp the basic SEO knowledge. A good idea combined with SEO techniques will definitely bring high traffic efficiency.

Create Infographics

Your content can be combined with Infographics to be both informative and entertaining.
Using eye-catching infographics will help you drive traffic to the web, because they are more attractive and easier to share than normal content.

Upload video content

Take a look at the following Siteefy Video Marketing stats first:

  • Video viewers are 1.81 times more likely to purchase a product than non-watchers.
  • 80% of users will watch a video and only 20% will read your content in full.
  • Video viewers tend to have a 74% increase in user knowledge of a product or service.
  • Increase landing page conversions by up to 80%. Watching videos on the homepage can increase conversion rates by 20% or even more.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than others.
  • Video makes Email Marketing Campaign 51% more effective.
  • 56% of consumers believe that if a company has a website, it should also have video. Typically, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.
  • Using video gets 41% more search traffic than not using video.

What about consumers?

  • Each month an average internet user watches 16 minutes 49 seconds of video ads.
  • 80% of users recall a video ad they saw in the last 30 days.
  • 22% of them will visit the link provided or the website mentioned in the video ad. And 12% of users will actually buy the specific product featured in the video ad.
  • The probability of making an online sale is 64% higher when your users watch a video.
  • At least some type of action is taken by 46% of users after viewing a video ad.
  • 36% of users trust video ads.

So you can see the impact of Video already! Much more effective than a boring long paragraph and includes driving traffic to your website.

Internal Links for Content

A website’s credibility isn’t just determined by the number of backlinks from another website. It also depends on the Internal Link structure. Does your site already have key articles?

Link it to smaller articles for a better user experience. This also means that you are also improving your site’s link structure!

The Internal Link will ensure readers will stay on your Website longer. Visitors will follow Internal Links to other articles on your site instead of leaving the site when they have finished reading the article they are looking for.

Create free products/tools

Now you have solved the content problem. Let’s embark on some special mentions:

Give your readers one more reason to visit your site. You could give them something for free, for example.

This type of free gift depends on your industry and business situation. You can research your competitors for inspiration.

Some of Moz's Free SEO Tools
Some of Moz’s Free SEO Tools

Create FREE online contests and courses

Another way to attract more visitors: Is to create contests and free courses. This approach hits the human psyche of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO). It is very suitable for prospecting and maximizing brand recognition.

If you want to take your website to the top of the industry, creating an online course is essential. Depends on your skills, knowledge and the nature of your business.

Find a topic that you think is relevant to your client (Of course, this should be a topic where you can provide in-depth knowledge and really help.).

Because creating a course will cost a certain cost. Plan ahead and think about whether investing in it now is right for your marketing strategy.

Through contests and free online courses. You can collect a lot of valuable data.


  • Forms you create for users to sign up.
  • That data can be analyzed (A/B testing) to give you a better understanding of what attracts customers.

Run Webinar

Online courses will always be the right choice. But if you want something similar that takes advantage of FOMO, you can choose Webinar.

Do you know ?

Webinar is a type of webinar. Here you can communicate with customers without having to meet in person.

It’s a great way to share your expertise. Connect with other professionals and your target audience.

Not like conferences. Using Webinar is not geographically limited, as long as there is internet, users can join you.

Create quizzes with the “Share Results” feature

Why are quizzes an effective marketing tool?

Make sure you are familiar with Quiz on online articles or Facebook. Once completed, they will return results that you can share.

If the user finds those results interesting or funny. There is a high chance that they will be shared by users to their Facebook or other social networks. Thereby, the Quiz will be spread and attract more Web visitors.

Of course! Everyone has to Quiz anyway.

Use Email Marketing

Increase Website Traffic - Use Email Marketing
Increase Website Traffic – Use Email Marketing

A study done by Backlinko showed that 91% of consumers check their email daily. In the same related study. Figures have shown that US companies spend up to $360 million on Email Marketing in 2019 alone.

Through the above data, we can see that conducting Email Marketing strategies will definitely increase traffic for the website effectively. This marketing method is especially suitable for the business of clothing, shoes, accessories, ..

If you are having trouble building an email list or managing email marketing campaigns.

Create a Facebook page and build a community

Talk about pulling traffic for the web (both Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic). Social media still plays a huge role. They are one of the best ways to create brand buzz. And build an online presence for your business.

Although social media engagement itself is not a ranking factor. But there is a strong correlation between social shares and backlinks.

According to EarnedLinks.com, “Social sharing can increase website links by 245% in a year”. So don’t hesitate any longer, create a Facebook page now and share your blog content on it. Remember to add attractive images, Infographics, videos, etc. to attract viewers and increase interaction.

Note: Make sure you’ve optimized your post. Install CTA to drive potential customers to your Web site.

LinkedIn Activity

Don’t ignore LinkedIn. It is a platform made specifically for businesses and works especially well for B2B businesses. Statistics show that up to 97% of marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing purposes.

LinkedIn Activity
LinkedIn Activity

So how to stand out on LinkedIn? First, create a link between your website and LinkedIn. Create LinkedIn share buttons on posts and send website content through LinkedIn Email.

Whatever you’re doing, don’t forget to interact with users! Please comment on the posts of other channels, when posting, add your personal opinion.

In addition, you can also ask questions or add polls. The more you participate, the more opportunities you have to connect with the LinkedIn community.


increase website traffic

Instagram now has a clear revenue strategy, including placing ads on the social network. This is a great way to reach consumers and gives you a highly targeted approach to reach potential customers who buy your products and services.

Increase website traffic with ads

Run ads on Facebook

Research by LYFE Marketing shows: Pages reach only 2% of their audience through unpaid posts. That is 98% of people don’t see your content very often. If they don’t search through the search engines.

That’s why you need to run ads. You can run separate tests and discover which ads work best for your potential customers.

Run Google Ads (PPC)

Investing in Google ads is also a quick way to increase website traffic. “65% of all clicks (on Google Ads) are made by intent-to-purchase” Figures from highervisibility.com

Of course, to master Google Ads you will need time to study and practice. You can refer to the article how to run Google Ads to understand more about this type of ad.

Run ads on YouTube

Before you embark on a YouTube advertising campaign. You need to think about your target audience and how they view content on YouTube.

As with other types of advertising, you need to test many times to eliminate errors. You can use A/B testing to find out which ad types perform best.

increase website traffic
There are three Youtube Ad formats for you to choose from:

TrueView Ad

Users can choose to “skip ad” after watching the ad for 5 seconds. You will pay if the user watches 30 seconds or clicks on the ad.

TrueView Discovery

These types of ads show suggested videos in “More Videos” or in “Youtube Search”. You will pay if a user clicks on the ad and watches the video.


Bumper ads are short ads but do not have a “skip ad” feature. They will be displayed before, during or after the video the user is watching. You will pay for every 1000 times Bumper Ad runs.

How to increase website traffic by sharing content on your community

Have your own community, forum, and content sharing

Find the communities your potential customers join and how to join. Does your audience use Quora, Reddit, Tinhte or Webtretho? Or do they join communities on Facebook such as buying and selling groups, beauty groups, discussion groups, etc.?

Identify forums that customers can join. Then join the discussion and bring valuable content. Don’t use these forums just to promote products that will upset your target audience.

Build relationships with industry experts through these forums. From there, drive traffic to your website or business. Or you can create your own community.

For example: Pinterest – social network about images.

If your company belongs to the business model of personal consumption (B2C). Regularly posting or replacing product images and creating boards on Pinterest will help you increase website traffic.

In fact, statistics show that Pinterest can increase website traffic to shopping sites by 33% more than Facebook. You just have to remember that Pinterest works exactly like other social media platforms and posting regularly is the key to success.

Increase website traffic by advertising your website through offline sessions

Sponsoring events

Sponsoring events is a great way to increase brand awareness and assert your role in the industry. Choose an event that aligns with your brand image and has many of your target audience in attendance.
Events are where your brand logo is exposed to the media, thereby attracting more interest.

Advertising at the conference

If you have the opportunity to speak at a conference with an industry-related topic, don’t miss it. Speaking will be synonymous with advertising the business.

Plus, you can connect with industry leaders.

How to increase website traffic with website optimization

Optimized focus on mobile devices

According to Adsota’s Vietnam Digital Advertising Market report, the world currently has about 6 billion people using mobile devices and in Vietnam alone, 70% of the total population, equivalent to 150 million devices. Most people today access everything via mobile devices, so businesses today are trying to optimize their websites for mobile devices to bring in more customers and businesses. more revenue.

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices. It is highly likely that mobile customers will not return to the website again.

So make sure your website looks good and runs smoothly when browsed on mobile phones!

Website Speed ​​Up

Fast page loading will give the user a good experience. Research shows: Web visitors are more likely to leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So: You need to test your page speed, choose a good hosting provider, and optimize the images on the page.

CTR optimization

CTR optimization
CTR optimization

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics. While CTR optimization is not simple, you can try the following tips:

  • Add keywords to title tags, URLs and meta description tags
  • Make sure the title and description are within the character limit. You can check through SeoMofo Snippet Optimizer
  • Use strong words
  • Write catchy headlines

Check Analytics Data

Analytics tools like Google Analytics allow you to track:

  • How and where content is being shared.
  • Mobile traffic
  • Most visited pages
  • Referral (when your website is considered a reference source)
  • Organic keywords (organic)

Analytics tools can provide insights into your audience and much more. Instead of operating on blind guesses using a tool like Google Analytics will help you make data-driven decisions to improve your website in a more planned way.

Competitor Research

Some ways to increase website traffic may and may not work for you. There is no universal rule for every type of business.

So study the success examples from your competitors.

  • What is their content strategy?
  • What keywords do they continue to use in PPC?
  • Who are they collaborating with?

Determine the best traffic size and source

Finally, keep an eye on results, analytics, and determine where most of your traffic is coming from. Once you understand the source of your traffic, you’ll know where to invest for the best return.

Build Quality Guest Posts

This is a way that you will write articles on other major websites and blogs for the purpose of creating backlinks along with attracting traffic to your website.

For this form, you should find a blog, a large website that is famous for your niche and see if it supports guest blogging. If you don’t have this section, please contact us directly and talk to the admin for Guest Posting.

Or look for sites that allow membership registration and articles.

You can agree with the host website to allow guests to post about the benefits that you receive (for example, put an author link or a link in the article), be shared on the website’s fanpage.. etc. …

Start building a Youtube channel

Start building a Youtube channel
Start building a Youtube channel

As I said above how important Video Marketing is! The indicators have proven.

Current online marketing is a race of advertisers who know how to capitalize and exploit potential traffic channels effectively. When it comes to channel traffic that has a large number of users and is active every minute, it is impossible to talk about Youtube.

With a traffic of more than 3 billion active users every day, in Vietnam alone, according to statistics, nearly 30% of the population uses smartphones to watch Youtube as an indispensable format solution.

It can be said that this is one of the main weapons in the strategy of driving traffic to your site.

Update old content

Refreshing previous content is necessary, especially if some of your content is out of date.

Note, this doesn’t mean redoing all of your content, just refreshing it to update it if it’s not already new. Besides, it is necessary to detect low-quality content by Auditing Content regularly to avoid Google penalizing and underestimating your website.


You have just read more than 4,000 words with 30 ways to increase website traffic. Now, have you chosen for yourself which method of traffic optimization?

What are you waiting for, let’s start implementing it right away!

Hopefully with this share you will get the perfect SEO strategy, easier to improve website traffic. If you still have questions or have ideas on how to increase website traffic, please share with me.

Good luck!

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